Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Sandusky Should Be Allowed to Coach

from Penn State to State Pen
Note: this is a joke: He should not be allowed to coach or take of his clothes, or his muzzle.

10. He’s molested fewer boys than most catholic priests.
9. He knows a good tight end when he sees one.
8. He’s tough and can take a licking.
7. He knows his team inside and out.
6. The cheerleaders are safe.
5. He gives players gifts and treats...Oh, sorry I misread "threats."
4. He teaches good ball handling techniques
3. He said he’s not a pedophile.
2. Penn State has a pretty good record—how bad could he be?
1. He’s a strong advocate of masculine hygiene.

by numbsain..."I felt his penis in my eye."