Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Ten Things Todd Akin Thinks the Female Body Can Do

Akin and wife upon learning that the female body cannot run alongside a golf cart carrying 200lbs of clubs in the blazing sun all afternoon.
10. Render a man speechless, or just make his sound really stupid.

9. Walk into a room and turn every head…in a circle three times.

8. Reverse its digestive tract directly into his face.

7. Grow bigger tits.

6. Slap him in the face with its arms and kick him in the nuts with its legs.

5. Serve him breakfast in bed any time.

4. Look better and better the more beer he drinks.

3. Be the subject of poets and lorikeets throughout history.

2. Have a penis, as he discovered late one night in a seedy hotel.


By numbsain...he thinks the female body can do whatever it wants to him.